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Our company’s mission is dedication to service. Therefore, we are committed to focusing our staff on innovative solutions and technology to assist in this process. We believe partnering with our clients to accelerate the timely resolution of disputed issues. It is our goal to have constant contact with our clients and encourage them actively participates in their cases where and when necessary.

We take pride in our ability to achieve an essential balance of experience, skill, and efficiency. In short, our goal is to provide premium service with specific attention to the practical considerations of every case. Our size and experience allows us to provide personalized service and expertise to every potential claim.

Company Description

Appell & Associates is a multi-service company which offers a broad range of expertise pertaining to workers compensation and employment law. Our representatives are committed to providing the highest caliber of representation to clients. We offer skillful, personalized, and accessible service to meet the exacting and often technical needs of our clients. We are also dedicated to providing exceptional value to clients by addressing each matter in a timely and pragmatic manner, with a view to the client’s objectives and needs. It is this vision and imagination which makes Appell & Associates uniquely qualified to develop appropriate strategies to maximize the future results of our client’s needs.

Our Clients

Our clients include medical providers, injured workers, self-insured employers, insurance companies and third party administrators. This wide range of clientele has given us the experience to recognize that not all businesses want, or need, the same type of service. All representation programs are individually tailored to fit the specific needs of each client.

At Appell & Associates we believe that our clients and representatives combine together to form a team effort to develop and carry out a detailed plan of action. This cohesion of all available knowledge and experience enables us to achieve the best possible results for all potential workers compensation and employment scenarios.

The Founder

Steve Appell has been involved in California workers compensation & employment law for over 20 years. He has an IEA and WCCP designation from the Insurance Education Association and his Self Insured license from the State of California. Steve has made over 10,000 board appearances, has held many classes and seminars, and has written various literatures about workers compensation and employment law. Steve graduated from Valley College with a degree in Speech Communications in 1986 and then started his own business in sales & marketing. In 1991 he entered the field of workers compensation employment law and has never looked back. Steve prides himself on his technical as well as practical application of all aspects of workers compensation and employment law.